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Champagne Flight

from $1200

LaylaDionne Luxury Couture

LL Designs a Division of Layla's Loft is an Avant Garde brand which features our luxury brand

LaylaDionne Luxury Couture

We believe that every woman in every size is beautiful and deserves to be dressed in Avant Garde Luxury Couture. Our designs are customized to our client and we specialize in providing world class service for a truly one of a kind experience 

AW Collection
LaylaDionne White Logo.jpg

Take Flight

Sauda Black Sequin Bird.jpg

Sequined Bird  from $1200

Sequined Bird

Jayla B&W_edited.jpg

Monochromatic Flight from $1500

Monochromatic Flight

Macon Lean.jpeg
Sauda Marfa Blue.jpg

Midnight Flight from $1100

Midnight Flight

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